Magrav Power System

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The Beauty of “Spin” – Vortexing Magnetic Fields & New Energy Tech.

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While we wait I am going to show you something else that Is pretty cool.

If we take a magnet where the front of the magnet is north and the back of the magnet is south (north has an X, south does not have an X), if we put the magnets together North, North, North, the repel each other, they do not go together.

They create a force between the magnetic flux lines and they repel each other.
Whereas, if we put the magnets together North, South, North, and we alternate them, they want to stick together quite nicely.

If we take magnets north, north, north, and we continue this sequence and we wrap them around a ring, much like this for example, to where all of the norths are in and all of the souths are out.

That creates a “vortex of magnetic flux lines” going in, to where the magnetic flux lines all come in, create pressure within themselves, self rotate and then then coming out into the south of the magnet.

This is the Top View and then the Side View is this, where the magnets go around, and the vortex (like this) comes out and then goes back in.

So this is essentially a “Vortexing Magnetic Field”.

Now, what is the significance of that???

If we take a vortexing magnetic field and we stick it on top of a static magnetic field, what do you think will happen?
It will create spin, it will create motion without actually touching each other.

The vortexing magnetic field will create spin within this magnet, and I will show you that right now.

This is a steel ball bearing. This is a speaker magnet, and these are also little speaker magnets.

All of the North magnetic fields are facing inwards, and that creates a “vortexing magnetic Field”.

If we put it over this, it spins.

This could be scaled up, precision engineered with high powered magnets to create a “New Energy Device”, whereas this is just a cardboard tube and speaker magnets that I got from the store, taped and rubber banded.

But still, it proves the concept that motion exists naturally in the universe.

I am going to do it one more time then we are going to get back to the plasma.

So that is the nature of the universe – to spin.

If you think about why a Galaxy rotates, or why the Earth rotates, or why the Solar System rotates, or why an Atom rotates, that is the fundamental question that will explain what is going on in this plasma reactor here.


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8 Completely Awesome DIY Home Energy Projects – Ecoble… – 8 Completely Awesome DIY Home Energy Projects

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Solar Energy Is Free

Solar energy is free – it needs no fuel and produces no waste or pollution.

Solar power can be used where there is no easy way to get electricity to a remote place. If you want to experience a life time of electrical energy power you can build it, you only need to buy the materials. You only need the heat of the sun to generate electricity. Then you will have the infinite power energy or electric currents that you can use all day long. You will not need to pay monthly bills on your consumption of electricity. You will only need to make a one time purchase for the equipment to build a solar power generator then you can have free electricity at all times, and that means long time savings on your monthly bills.

Solar power is produced by collecting sunlight and converting it into electricity. This is done by using solar panels, which are large flat panels made up of many individual solar cells. It is most often used in remote locations, along with the present electrical equipment in the house or business office. This could also be hooked up to the local electrical control grid system. As the sun shines, the solar panels will collect energy and use it to generate enough electricity for the whole house. Building your own solar panels is rewarding and you can have a lot of fun in the process. The benefits will be saving a lot of money from year to year.

When someone talk about free energy it refers to large amounts of energy that can be drawn from the zero point field. There are several different concepts concerning free energy devices. . Collecting energy and transmitting it from a different source, a machine that produces energy at no cost(perpetual motion), a perpetual motion machine is a machine that drives itself and stays on at all times once you switch it on. In the 1940s, scientist learn to harness the power of atoms to provide large amounts of energy, technology is using the energy in the atmosphere to harness free energy for people in the future.

There have been a lot of talk about the technology that pulls energy straight out of the atmosphere. There have been many debates about whether the energy actually exists. How much will this harnessed energy cost you? Back in 1913 a man name Otto Stern first proposed to use residual energy as an alternative form of energy, this energy is also called vacuum energy and represents the energy of empty space. With the interest in research our scientist will be able to make free energy possible someday.

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Efficiency Nova Scotia – Innovation

Client: Efficiency Nova Scotia
Agency: Journeyman Film Co.
Director: Wonderlust
Creative Director: Ryan Rumbolt
Illustration: Justyna Szczepankiewicz
Animation: Vladimir Marchukov
Sound Design: Humberto Corte
Producer: Oren Hercz

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Alternative Energy Resources

A short documentary on the role of alternative energy in our present times and our future.


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perpetual magnetic motor free energy generator neodymium magnets true fa……

perpetual magnetic motor free energy generator neodymium magnets true fa…

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Is Solar Energy Cheap?

Arguably solar energy is anything but cheap, which has always been seen as one of the fundamental reasons why the advancement of solar energy applications has been limited over the years. Ironically with fossil fuel electricity sources now seen and recognized as being environmentally unsustainable in the medium to long-term, combined with a continued sharp increase in electricity costs fuelled by a seemingly inexhaustible global demand for energy, solar energy appears to be back in demand.

But what about the cost and does the concept of cheap solar actually exist? Industrially the advent of recent collective solar panels developments to capture solar energy still come with an expensive cost tag. The one real source of cheap solar however is found close to home and is mainly domestic in nature. Solar cooking using a solar cooker not only clearly personifies cheap solar but actually takes the principle one step further. Solar cooking over time, assuming one cooks with a solar cooker on at least a semi-regular basis, actually puts money back into your pocket, literally.

After all if the ultimate business model is to have nil fixed costs and an entirely variable cost structure, than solar cooking and solar ovens have to be an excellent example, albeit on a small, domestic scale.

With even the more sophisticated solar ovens not costing more that $500 (and in most cases a lot less than that) it simply becomes an exercise of how much you save on each meal you cook using a solar cooker. If you want to bring some science and good financial sense to the equation attempt to calculate what your monthly electricity bill is for cooking your meals, then calculate an approximate cost per meal and then extrapolate that cost through the initial once-off cost of the solar cooker and you can quite literally calculate how long it will take to pay off the solar cooker.

Anything beyond that point puts money back into your pocket in the form of a saving of electricity you would have used to cook those meals with a conventional oven, stove or microwave. Assuming you cook at least a couple of meals a week in a solar oven each week then the exercise really does illustrate cheap solar, in fact very cheap solar to the extent that it actually makes you money!

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DIY How 2 Build Solar Panels – Free Energy 4 Life –…

DIY How 2 Build Solar Panels – Free Energy 4 Life –

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Top 5 Facts About Solar Energy

How does solar energy work, and what are the benefits and disadvantages? Learn more about solar power by reading these top 5 facts.

1) Solar energy is great for the environment. It does not release carbon dioxide, mercury or sulphur dioxide into the air the way that burning fuels does, and actually works to lessen greenhouse gas emissions. It also has the ability to improve your health by reducing the amount of chemicals being released in and around your home. Solar energy is clean, renewable, and dependable, and equipment usually stays in working order for decades, needing little or no maintenance.

2) The sun releases more energy in one second than humans have ever used in the course of history. Twenty days of sunlight can produce the same amount of energy as all of the world’s coal, oil, and natural gas combined, and the amount of energy contained in one hour of sunlight is equal to the world’s energy needs for one year. Sunlight is very powerful and has the potential to completely fuel all of our energy needs.

The typical American uses an average of 855 kilowatt-hours per month, and 30% of this energy goes toward heating water. Americans make up only 5% of the population but account for 26% of its energy consumption, so solar energy would help to distribute the world’s natural resources more fairly.

3) Solar energy has a number of different uses. Solar power can be utilized for more than just the standard uses. It has the ability to fuel cars, heat swimming pools, cook food, and power small appliances such as space heaters and clocks. It can also be converted into electricity to light indoor rooms. Solar energy is especially useful to people living in remote regions, such as the desert or mountains, where electric wiring is unavailable or very expensive.

4) The main disadvantage of solar energy is the initial investment. Purchasing and installing a solar energy system for your home can be very expensive. Solar panels are generally $10 to $12 per watt of energy conducted, so you can estimate the cost of panels for your home by checking your outside electricity meter. A full-coverage solar energy system is likely to cost anywhere from $10,000 to $20,000.

You also have the option of buying a smaller unit to power devices such as computers and televisions while on camping and RV trips, and these range from $700 to $1000. There are governmental programs that can help you cover the costs of your solar energy system if the cost is too high for you.

5) You need a lot of space to utilize solar energy. Before purchasing a solar energy system, make sure you have enough space to make the unit effective. It can be difficult to set up and utilize panels if you live in a crowded urban area, and the amount of space needed for the panels is quite large if a reasonable amount of energy is to be conducted. Energy levels also vary according to the position of the sun, clouds and amount of pollution in the air. Energy can obviously not be collected overnight, so secondary battery-powered supplies need to be kept on hand if power runs out.

Another disadvantage of solar power is that there is always the risk of the equipment being destroyed or damaged by natural causes. Setting up solar panels can be expensive and time-consuming, and in the event of a natural disaster such as a tornado, earthquake, or hail storm, exposed panels could easily be broken. It is wise to investigate the weather of your region and determine how likely it is that you will encounter this kind of situation. You can also find ways to insure your panels through a home insurance company.

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First Model S Test Drives

Customer reactions from the first stop of the Get Amped Model S Tour.

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Keshe Plasma Reactor Group Jan 26th

From Jan. 26th – after the KFSSI Health Blueprint Teaching:


Livestreaming at:

At Zoom Meeting (when live):

Keshe Foundation Blueprint page:


Blueprint Session Picker:


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New Tesla battery could take your home off the grid

Tesla announces that plans for house battery are complete! Store your solar and wind energy, live off the grid!

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The Effects of Solar Energy

Solar Energy

With all the talk regarding solar energy for many years its time has finally come. The gradual inevitable depletion of natural resources has made alternative sources an absolute must. It’s now a matter of time and we’ll determine the eventual new leader. Much expensive and resources is now being spent to find the best natural resource such as solar energy.

While many potential sources are possible, research into all the avenues will eventually surface with the most viable option for our use. Presently we are using a number of various resources to create heat, electricity and desalination of seawater. Renewable energy has the sun as it’s primary source which is not depletable. approximately 30% of our energy resources come from the sun.

Most of our economic resources and time are spend developing our resources in the area’s of wind power, water power, solar energy, biofuel, liquid biofuel, solid biomass and geothermal. Naturally these all have their pro’s and cons. The biggest concern is pollution that comes directly the materials, industrial processes and construction equipment used to create them. The side effects can be pollution and waste that will impact our environment.

We also we need to consider other key issues of environmental impacts, aesthetics and habitat hazards, land usage, proximity to demand, availability, reliability, longevity along with energy input verses output. Other possibilities such as fossil fuels and nuclear power have their own positive and negatives and are not as viable. The resources for our use are many, the challenge is not if we have alternates to use but which ones and in what order.

The U.S. currently relies heavily on coal, oil, and natural gas for its energy. Fossil fuels are nonrenewable, that is, they draw on finite resources that will eventually dwindle, becoming too expensive or too environmentally-damaging to retrieve. In contrast, renewable energy resources — such as wind and solar energy — are constantly replenished and will never run out.

Renewable energy is important because of the benefits it provides. It is believed that the major element in the learning and discovery process definitely will be and is solar energy.

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